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Fast Facts #100657

 -I love ice cream. Love. It. If you don’t take it away from me I will eat all of it. 

-I’m too proud to admit it when I need help. I hate having to ask for help. Because of struggling so hard for years to do things alone, I can’t stand having to rely on someone else. 

-Just because I’m a proud little brat doesn’t mean I’m a bitch. I’m nice for the most part… I think. 

-I once stole Steve’s shield in a fight. He’s still mad about it. Okay so it was last week. GET OVER IT ROGERS.

-I’m still going to kick your ass at Street Fighter II, Barton, don’t even go there.

-In spite of the fact that I can kick butt, I do like to be girly sometimes. On occasion. Once a year. At Christmas. [OOC: she’s full of it, she loves being girly.]

- I am most definitely not Riptide’s sister. Where do you people get this stuff? All my “powers” are manmade, not genetic. Sheesh.

-Did I mention I love ice cream?


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Now go go go!!

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